Mother 3

Mother 3
Publisher Nintendo
Console Gameboy Advance
Downloads 641
Released April 20, 2006
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Mother 3 is an action role-playing video game from Brownie Brown and HAL Laboratory. The game was released worldwide by Nintendo in 2006 for the Game Boy Advance console. The third part of this Mother franchise focuses on exploiting the story of Lucas, a boy with psychic abilities. Accompanying Lucas is his family, whose mission is to stop the mysterious invading army Pigmasks plotting to destroy the world. Inheriting gameplay from its predecessors, Mother 3 leads players to uncover the mysteries of the vast game world from a top-down third-person perspective, where you'll have to engage in turn-based combat and defeat enemies. powerful enemy of the corporationPigmasks. 

The Story


Mother 3 takes place in the fictitious Nowhere Islands, sometime after the events of Mother 2. Lucas, a little child living in the rustic Tazmily Village near the Nowhere Islands, is the game's protagonist. His family, including doting mother Hinawa, eager brother Claus, compassionate canine Boney, and gruff but loving father Flint, split up for the weekend when Hinawa visits her father with the boys. While they are away, a strange, technologically sophisticated army of men in pig-like masks begins invading the islands and causing havoc. They capture forest creatures and twist them into terrible chimeras of flesh and steel. 

When tragedy occurs, Lucas is compelled to mature quickly in order to confront the Pigmasks army before it destroys the world he cherishes. While he is helped by numerous supporters, including Duster and Kumatora, it quickly becomes evident that the magnitude of what is at risk is far greater than simply the calm and quiet of the Nowhere Islands.

Unlike its two predecessors, Mother 3 alternates between the main protagonist, his family, and the people, and occasionally animals, who will become his friends. True to its motto, Mother 3 tale is regarded as the darkest and most emotional of the three games, but preserving all of the lighthearted charms that initially attracted it to its admirers.


Mother 3 inherits turn-based combat gameplay from previous installments of the franchise. Players will control game-designated characters to explore the game's two-dimensional fictional world from a top-down perspective. Between battles, you can chat with other characters or collect items. Joining and winning fierce battles, you will be rewarded with experience points, which help the characters you control to level up and permanently increase battle attributes, including HP, PP, attacking ability, and defending ability. When your character's HP and PP are depleted due to battle, you can heal your character by visiting hot springs scattered throughout the game world. In addition, winning battles gives you DP, in-game currency, which helps you buy items, weapons, and armor to improve your character's fighting ability.

Music is the unique element that makes up the brand of the Mother franchise. Coming to Mother 3, you will enjoy a unique music mixing system that has never been seen in the game's predecessors. You can attack your opponent with up to 16 hits in a row if you press the attack button at the right time to the beat of the background music, helping you quickly defeat your opponent. In addition, each monster in the game has a musical theme with a different rhythm, and you need to really master the music if you want to launch consecutive critical attacks.