Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS
Publisher Nintendo
Console Nintendo DS
Developer Nintendo
Downloads 11,640
Released November 14, 2005
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Mario Kart DS is a classic kart racing game produced by Nintendo exclusively for the DS console. Initially released in December 2005 in Japan, the game belonged to the fifth generation in the Mario Kart franchise and was the first game to feature Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The game is highly appreciated for its graphics, gameplay, and the addition of many new attractive game modes. It received various awards and held a third place among the world's best-selling Mario Kart games, with a total of £23.6 million sold.  

About Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart possesses fun, thrilling, and boisterous tank racing gameplay to bring the best entertainment experience to players of all ages. You will choose one of twelve famous characters from the Mario universe to participate in a hot race with many creative accessories and funny routes. These items will appear randomly and provide significant benefits to help you gain an edge in the race. The game has simple controls, making it easy to get familiar with the mechanics of the track and how to control different types of karts.


The game offers countless races with many different types of terrain for players to comfortably enjoy a good time with friends. Each track is unique and offers new experiences and thrilling moments. The game's entertainment is also expressed through the dialogue between the characters, where sometimes the characters will communicate with each other on the track and use statements that provoke opponents.  

One of the game's strongest points is its graphics. Mario Kart DS possesses vivid 3D graphics with vibrant colors, making it attractive to players of all ages. Although it does not have realistic graphics like modern games, it still pleases loyal fans of the franchise with a feeling of nostalgia and hidden details typical of the Mario universe. More specifically, the great visual and sound effects in the game make the player's race much more entertaining.  


Starting the game, you will choose one of eight default characters, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, and Bowser. Daisy, Dry Bones, Waluigi, and ROB, will be unlocked later if you successfully complete the in-game quests. Each character will own 2 karts for you to choose from, and other cars will then be unlocked after you complete the tasks in the game with rank B or higher. In total, the game has 36 karts with unique and creative looks for each character.  

The game's main screen is a third-person view of the kart you are driving. At the same time, the touch screen below will provide information about the current race rank, each rider's extras, and the map of the track. You can use the screen below to choose a full view of the race situation, including nearby racers, hazards on the track, and the location of random item boxes.

As introduced, random items may appear on the track to give you an edge over other racers. These items can help the player attack other racers to slow them down in the race or be used to speed up the player's car to easily eliminate any opponents. The game also introduces two new items, including the Bullet Bill, which turns the player into a Bullet Bill to control the track automatically, and Blooper, which spray ink on all riders ahead to obstruct their view.