Pokemon Y

Pokemon Y
Publisher Crave Entertainment
Console Nintendo 3DS
Downloads 65,331
Released June 12, 2013

Pokemon Y Rom is one of a duo of role-playing video games released by Nintendo in 2013, along with Pokemon X. The game is produced by Game Freak and was released by Nintendo exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS game console. Pokemon Y is the prologue to the sixth generation of the main Pokemon video game series and a brand new 3D Pokemon adventure filled with never-before-seen Pokemon. In total, the game introduces 72 new Pokemon species and, most notably, the appearance of a completely new Fairy-type Pokemon, promising to bring many thrilling and exciting battles for players to experience.

The game received rave reviews for its improvements to essential features, including character customization, updated training, combat mechanics, and impressive polygonal 3D graphics. In addition, Pokemon Y also adds an amazing new evolution mechanism called "Mega Evolution," which helps players evolve more fully evolved Pokemon species to make the Pokemon even much more powerful.


Pokémon Y offers players an exciting new adventure in a breathtaking 3D world. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose the appearance of your character and customize them to your liking. Once you're satisfied with your appearance, it's time to explore the vast Kalos region to stroll through the cities, meet other characters to learn the game's plot and try to collect as much as possible. Pokemon as possible to complete his Pokedex. The city of Lumiose is the central hub of the region, where you'll need to return several times during your journey for various purposes, such as buying items or healing injured Pokemon. Therefore, be aware of this place.

The game introduces a whole new species of Pokemon, called Fairy-type Pokemon. They are Pokemon that are strong against Dragon-type Pokemon and make the battle more balanced, as Dragon-type Pokemon seem to possess abilities that are too strong compared to other Pokemon in the previous game versions. You will be accompanied by a Fairy-type Pokemon throughout the game, Sylveon, a newly evolved form of Eevee.

Exciting new game modes

Pokemon y download introduces many new game modes to make battles more entertaining and thrilling. You can try Sky Battles mode, a fierce battleground exclusively for Pokemon that can fly, or the Horde, where your Pokémon faces multiple wild Pokemon at once. All these exciting modes will challenge the talents of every Pokemon trainer, and only an intelligent strategy and precise timing will help you win these modes.

Train Pokemon to get ready for battle

Before joining the battle, you can take care of and train your Pokemon through the Pokemon-Amie feature. This feature allows you to increase your relationship with your Pokemon by feeding and playing with them. As a result, the Pokemon will be closer to you and better support you in fierce turn-based battles with other powerful Pokemon.

More specifically, Pokemon Y introduces a brand new Super Training feature. This feature allows you to improve a Pokemon's base stats while training instead of waiting until the Pokemon has enough experience and leveling up. You can use items and other methods in the game to increase Pokemon's attack and defense stats easily. Thanks to that, you can quickly complete your Pokemon training and bring them into real battles.