Pokemon X

Pokemon X
Publisher Nintendo
Console Nintendo 3DS
Developer Game Freak
Downloads 131,264
Released October 12, 2003

Pokemon X rom is a role-playing video game created by Game Freak and released by Nintendo in 2013. The game was designed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS console and combined with Pokemon Y to become the company's Pokemon duo of the year. It opens the sixth generation of Nintendo's hit Pokemon video game series impressively, introducing 72 new Pokemon species with the arrival of the all-new Fairy-type Pokemon.

Pokemon X has received a warm response from the gaming community since its launch as Nintendo has improved the basic features, including the ability to customize the character, new training and battle mechanics, impressive polygonal 3D graphics, and other gameplay additions. The most notable addition to this version is "Mega Evolution," an evolution mechanic that allows fully evolved Pokemon to become much more powerful, making matches more engaging.



Pokemon X opens up a breathtaking 3D world for players to explore freely. The game’s context takes place in the vast land of Kalos, with the city of Lumiose as the center. You will become a Pokemon trainer with an appearance customized to your liking. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a choice of Fennekin, an orange Fire-type Pokemon, Froakie, a blue Water-type Pokemon, or Chespin, a brown Grass-type Pokemon, to be your companion. The game's mascot, Xerneas, is a deer-like, blue Pokémon with rainbow antlers that is the strongest Pokemon in the game and a target for you to capture.

Fairy-type Pokemon are the star of the game. They are a new type of Pokemon, born to fight Dragon-type Pokemon, which proved too powerful compared to other Pokemon in previous Pokemon games. Fairy-type Pokemon are immune to Dragon-type attacks, but they appear weak when attacked by Poison and Steel-type Pokemon. In the game, you will meet and befriend Sylveon, a newly evolved form of Eevee and a Fairy-type Pokemon. Sylveon will accompany you throughout the game to support you through the challenges.


Besides, the game also introduces the Mega Evolution feature. Once applied in battle, the Pokemon will get an overall increase in stats, and it can even change the skill and type of the Pokemon. To achieve this superior level of evolution, the Pokemon must possess a Mega Stone during battle, and its Trainer must possess a Key Stone.

New Pokemon Training Features

You can become closer to your Pokemon through the Pokemon-Amie feature. This feature allows players to take care of and train their Pokemon by feeding and playing with them. As a result, Pokemon trainers will increase their relationship with their Pokemon, and Pokemon will fight more aggressively in the battle to increase their odds of winning.

In addition, Pokemon X rom also added a Super Training feature, allowing players to improve a Pokemon's basic stats while training instead of having to wait until the Pokemon has enough experience and leveling up. This feature allows you to use battle-specific items to help Pokemon recover faster. As a result, the Pokemon you train will grow faster to be ready for fierce battles.