Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime
Publisher Nintendo
Console GameCube
Developer Retro Studios
Downloads 7,650
Released November 17, 2002
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Metroid Prime is one of the world's leading action-adventure games developed by Retro Studios and published by Nintendo. First released in the Japanese market in November 2002, it was released exclusively for the GameCube and is the fifth main installment in the Metroid series. Metroid Prime combines elements of exploration, shooting, fighting against enemies, and solving puzzles to unlock chapters of the game's story while using top-notch 3D computer graphics and first-person view technology. The game was hailed as one of the best video games ever created. It generated sales of over 2.8 million copies worldwide and won several “Game of the Year” awards.



Metroid Prime is the opening for two sequels to the Prime franchise. The game revolves around the setting on the planet Tallon IV, where five decades ago, a meteorite fell and turned it into a deadly planet and destroyed most of the people of the Chozo race living here. The meteorite spreads a mutagenic substance across the planet called Phazon. Up to the present time, everything has been restored when the people of Chozo have created a large blocking field emitter to seal the energy of the meteorite. This emitter is controlled by twelve Chozo artifacts scattered across the planet.

Space Pirates is a criminal organization that plots to destroy the planet Tallon IV. They want to extract Phazon to fuel their destruction machine by disabling the Chozo's large blocking field generator. In this sci-fi-themed game, you control Samus Aran, the series' protagonist, and a notorious bounty hunter. Support Samus Aran as she battles the warriors of the Space Pirates and accompany her on her journey to uncover the dark mysteries of the planet's evil criminal organization's biological experiments on the Tallon IV planet. 


The game is built on a 3D action-adventure theme, where you will control Samus Aran from a first-person perspective instead of a third-person perspective like its predecessors in the series. The two main tasks you need to focus on when participating in the game are participating in fierce battles to destroy the monsters of Space Pirates through the mechanism of locking targets on the go and solving puzzles to reveal the dark secrets of the organization.

In your quest to find the twelve Chozo Artifacts to pave the way to the Phazon meteor impact crater, you need to collect special items that help you buff the main character's strength. There are many items that you can collect, such as the Varia Suit, which protects Samus from the high temperatures when entering the craters; the Morph Ball, which allows Samus to transform herself into a ball to traverse the narrow space terrain; or Grapple Beam, which acts as a grip to help Samus traverse large spaces without a fulcrum. When engaged in combat, you can spin your weapon to choose one of four different types of rays, each with its own characteristics to create different effects, helping you destroy enemies faster. New items and weapons will be unlocked as the story progresses, helping you explore new game areas.

The game's main screen simulates the view inside Samus' combat helmet. You can see radar screens, maps, projectiles for missiles, health gauges, and danger gauges to scan the space ahead. At the same time, you can choose different screen modes to display thermal images, X-ray scan images, or scan images of enemies ahead to find their weak points.