Pokémon Colosseum

Pokémon Colosseum
Publisher Nintendo
Console GameCube
Downloads 6,411
Released November 21, 2003

Pokemon Colosseum is best known because it was one of the first game sets of the GameCube engine. Released in November 2003 in the Japanese market, the game belongs to the action role-playing genre in the Pokemon series, produced by Genius Sonority and distributed by Nintendo. The most important and landmark feature that Pokemon Colosseum added to its franchise is allowing players to snag Pokémon from other Pokemon Trainers, making battles more dramatic and unpredictable. Okay. In addition, the game also introduces single-player and multiplayer battle modes to suit the various gaming needs of 

Interesting Plot

Pokemon Colosseum players are built with the background of the Orre desert region. Joining the game, you will play the role of the main character Wes, a former member of the Snagem team, to complete the assigned tasks. The game will introduce for the first time the "Dark Pokemon." They are poor creatures captured by the criminal organization Team Cipher to brainwash and darken their hearts. You will control Wes, teaming up with Rui, your assistant, and a girl who can distinguish Shadow Pokemon to uncover the mysteries of the game's vast world and rescue the Shadow Pokemon. Rescued Shadow Pokemon can be tamed for you to use in battles with other Pokemon Trainers. 

The Classic Turn-Based Battles Gameplay

Pokemon Colosseum is a 3D role-playing game built from a third-person perspective. Joining the game, you will, in turn, travel to different locations of the vast Orre desert region through the provided transportation to collect Pokemon, rescue shadow Pokemon, fight enemies and complete the task. You can shop for various items in the Pokemon store to power up your students using Poke Coupons that you earn through defeating opponents in the

Colosseum and Completing Game Quests

The turn-based battles have made the brand of the Pokemon franchise. The matches in the desert will take place in the Colosseum. The screen will switch to a turn-based view as battles begin, and you'll control your Pokemon to attack your opponents by activating their special moves. Each trainer can carry up to 6 Pokemon at a time, and the trainer can choose another creature to fight when the previous Pokemon is destroyed. You will win if you destroy all of your opponent's Pokemon. 

The most special feature of Pokemon Colosseum, as mentioned, is that players can snag Pokemon from other trainers using special Pokeballs. Only "Dark Pokémon" can be stolen by trainers, as their hearts are already dead when tamed by Team Cipher, and they only react to the power of the Pokeballs. 

More specifically, the energy bar of shadow Pokemon will be depleted when fighting, and the lower this energy bar, the more they will obey the player. Once the purple energy bar is depleted, you can "Purify" shadow Pokémon and return them to normal by taking them to Celebi's shrine in Agate Village and using the rare "Time Flute" item. If you use Shadow Pokemon in battle without purging them first, they will occasionally enter "Hyper Mode," which causes them to disobey the player's character or attack the opponent in an uncontrolled way.

Finally, the game also introduces attractive game modes in addition to the classic Colosseum mode. The "Quick Battle" mode allows players to battle their CPU trainer or friends with randomly assigned Pokemon. In addition, the "Gang Battle" mode allows up to four players to compete in a tournament, and the winners are Poke Coupons or new Pokemon.