The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Publisher Nintendo
Console Game Boy
Developer Nintendo
Downloads 7,193
Released December 11, 2006
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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a hit action-adventure game produced and developed by Nintendo. First released to the Japanese market in December 2006, the game was produced for two game consoles, the GameCube and the Wii. Twilight Princess received critical acclaim upon release and a host of awards related to the game of the year and is consistently ranked as one of the best games of all time. At the end of its life, it grossed 8.85 million copies worldwide and was the second-best-selling Zelda game in the company's history.    

The Story

Twilight Princess continues the story of the Ocarina of Time and takes us more than a century later. Link is a teenage boy who was accidentally turned into a wolf during a confrontation with the forces of the Twilight Kingdom. He is later rescued by Princess Zelda, and she explains that Zant, the Sorcerer King from the Twilight Kingdom, has invaded Hyrule Castle and plotted to turn all its inhabitants, apart from Link and Zelda, into invisible spirits.


With both Hylian and wolf forms, Link must join the journey to rescue Hyrule. He is aided by Midna, a mysterious being, in his quest to revive the Spirits of Light.'s challenging journey Link begins when he enters the areas covered by Twilight and restores the Light of the Spirits from the Twilight creatures that stole it. 


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess holds true to the gameplay tradition of the Zelda series, with missions focusing on fighting villains, exploring maps and dungeons, and solving cunning puzzles. Use the basic navigation keys to control Link to walk, run, and attack enemies. Meanwhile, Link will use a sword and shield to fight, activated via action buttons on the control panel. He can also use extra weapons and items, including bows, boomerangs, and bombs, to increase his combat ability. The game introduces an automatic target-locking mechanism, making it possible for the player to shoot at the target without manual aiming based on directional ballistics.

Dungeons are the primary objective to explore in the world of Twilight Princess. In total, the game has nine dungeons, large areas where Link battles enemies, including a powerful boss; solves tricky puzzles; and collects important items, helping Link continue the game's plot. Link will use his horse Epona or Midna's teleportation magic to walk through the vast world of dungeons.  

Link's human and wolf forms will come with different combat characteristics. While in wolf form, Link loses the ability to use swords, shields, and other offensive items. Link wolf version only attacks by biting and mainly defends by dodging attacks. However, Link has greatly improved his speed and developed several other special abilities, including the ability to sense scents and see and hear spirits that have wandered due to being attacked by the Twilight World. Late in the game, Link can transform between his Hylian and wolf forms at will.

Supporting Link throughout the journey is Midna, the small creature that always sits on Link's back. This creature gives Link hints during combat, helps him jump further, and grants Link a special ability, allowing him to teleport to any set location on the map.