Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World
Publisher Nintendo
Console Wii U
Developer Nintendo
Downloads 36,529
Released November 22, 2013
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Super Mario 3D World is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Nintendo in 2013. The game is made exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS console game, and it is the sixth installment in the company's hit Super Mario franchise. The game follow-up Mario when he is trying to rescue fairy creatures called Sprixies from Bowser when Bowser attacks and invaded the Sprixie Kingdom.

The game received rave reviews from the gaming community for its graphic design, presentation, replay value, and vibrant soundtrack. You will go through the levels to find Bowser and defeat him at the end of the game. Additionally, the game introduces two new features, including a character selector and a Super Bell feature, which allow the player to power up by becoming a cat, giving them the ability to climb walls and use a scratch attack.


The Game’s Story

The story of Super Mario 3D World begins with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad's exploration of Sprixie. The four main characters are enjoying the fireworks display until they spot a broken glass tube in the crowd. When they picked it up, a green fairy-like Sprixie princess appeared. She said Bowser kidnapped and locked the remaining Sprixie princesses in jars to serve his evil plot. Mario and his friends quickly set out to rescue the princesses.

The heroes take turns saving the princesses until Bowser discovers their plan. He kidnaps the rest of the princesses and goes to the Fortress, an amusement park he owns. There, Bowser used his last resort, the Super Bell spell, to transform him into a cat form called Meowser. Mario and his friends join the final battle with Meowser and defeat him. Thanks to that, they freed the Sprixie princesses and returned to their Mushroom kingdom.


Super Mario 3D World retains the 2D side-scrolling gameplay of its predecessor Super Mario 3D Land, where players will progress through successive levels with a timer and level-ending flagpole. You can choose from different characters to join the game, and each character has unique abilities and different controls. For example, Mario has a balanced running speed and jump height, Luigi jumps higher and falls slower, Toad runs fastest but can't jump high and fall faster, and Peach can jump and hover in the air briefly, among other characters. You can choose any character to play. In addition, four players can participate simultaneously in a level, as they control different characters.

Each level of the game can contain three collectible Blue Stars. Collecting these Blue Stars is a condition for players to unlock certain levels in the game. In addition, at some special levels, players can race against ghosts for gift rewards such as coins or extra lives.

The game retains the special item system from previous games in the franchise, including Fire Flower, Super Leaf, Mega Mushroom, Propeller Box, and Boomerang Flower. At the same time, it introduces several new items such as the Super Bell, which allows the player to transform into a cat form to run faster, perform unique attacks and climb walls to reach new areas, Lucky Bell, for allows the player to temporarily transform into a lucky cat statue for coins, and Double Cherries, which allows the player to create a clone of themselves for more effective attacks and a higher chance of survival.